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Who is Khmer Paramotor ?

Your Premier Paramotor & Glider Dealer 

Khmer Paramotor is a small organization that ensures that the people who participate in our flyingactivities will remember this for a very long time.

My name is Toon Hylebos, founder of Khmer Paramotor. I have been bitten by the flying microbe for more than 20 years.

I went through different phases over the years, I started with paramotor flying and then i prefered more the paragliding to come back to paramotor flying where slalom flying is my absolute preference.

Now with Khmer Paramotor I try to let other people discover the joy of flying at an affordable price. 

How did Khmer Paramotor come about?

Due to a career switch from federal dog handler at the Belgian police to senior dog trainer at an NGO, we ended up in Cambodia.

Besides the dogs, flying is my passion. In order to be able to share and practice this ourselves in Cambodia where we will be living most of the time. I wanted to keep training for the compitions of paramotor. We have started distribution of the equipment to be able to let  fly other people paramotors and pargliding. From there, of course, came the question of teaching so I start the training to become APPI FLY instructor. 

I will also remain a board member of the Belgian paramotor federation and FAI (federation aeronautique international) delegate for Belgium.

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